April 10, 2013

Stumptown Savoury Update

What's going on with Stumptown Savoury, you ask? Well, let me fill you in on all the delicious details.

You probably noticed that I'm back to posting more or less regularly. But you've probably also noticed that the posts don't have much in them except a video.

A few years ago, I began teaching Technique Classes at Williams-Sonoma in downtown Portland, Oregon. At that time, the Technique Classes were a new thing, not yet a regularly scheduled event, but the store manager agreed with me that doing the classes weekly made more sense than not following a regular schedule, so I created classes to fill in the weeks between corporate classes. Many times I created recipes for the classes, but with a limited budget, there just wasn't a way to present them nicely, so I created Stumptown Savoury to fill that gap.

The blog name, Stumptown Savoury, refers to Portland. In its early years, Portland was called Stumptown because stumps of trees that were cut down to make room for roadways were left behind until there was enough manpower to pull them. Locals used the stumps to cross the "roads" without stepping in the mud.

I'm no longer working at Williams-Sonoma, the store where I worked is no longer in downtown Portland, and I don't live in Portland any more. But I've kept the blog name.

What I really love to do is show people how to cook. Writing a blog always was a real chore for me, not a labor of love as it is for many people. I became active on Google+ at least in part because of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air.

A Hangout is a live video chat with as many as ten participants. It's private, and really quite useful. I use a Hangout when I teach classes at ChefHangout.com. The classes are a lot of fun because everyone is in their own kitchen cooking along, and if there are any problems I can actually see what the problem is and help solve it.

A Hangout on Air is a live broadcast of a Hangout. It is streamed on Google+ both on the Event Page and on my Profile stream. Additionally, it is broadcast on my YouTube channel. I'm doing a regular weekly Hangout on Air every Thursday at 6 PM Eastern.

There's a big transition under way as of today. I have a YouTube channel, and that's where all the videos I create live. That's where you'll find the recipes. There's also a Page on Google+ for Stumptown Savoury, as well as a Community. The G+ Page is where I'll be creating Events, and the Community is a place where we can connect online through Hangouts.

What does this mean for the blog? It means I'll continue to post videos, but nothing else. There's far too much content theft on the Internet now; people seem to think it's okay to take pictures and blog posts from food bloggers and post them on their Facebook pages or even in their blogs without getting permission first, and without even linking to the original post. It's a little harder to do that when every video I produce has me in it and my voice on it.

If you aren't yet on Google+, it's really easy to join, and free. If you have a Gmail account, you already have a Google+ Profile. If you don't, go to Google and click +You on the toolbar.

It's a new world, and I'm evolving. I hope you'll join me on Google+ and help shape the new Stumptown Savoury.


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