October 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Thank you for all the kind comments you've left for me. I'll miss being in Portland and teaching classes there, but you can bet that I'll keep this blog alive and will be teaching classes here in Tennessee soon.

We've arrived safely and begun the long process of unpacking and settling in. I haven't managed to find time to unpack computers yet, so don't have the software available to post photos yet, but there are photos coming!

I've begun the process of putting in a winter garden, which is unfortunately located in a spot never used for growing anything worthwhile. I may be able to put a wall around the garden with the rocks I'm harvesting. Also truly unfortunate is that I broke sod and have tilled a plot 20 feet by 8 feet without finding a single earthworm. On the positive side, we found a significant quantity of leaf compost where leaves had been ignored, so there's hope for salads yet!

The Fall colors here in East Tennessee are spectacular already. First frost should really ignite the reds. I just hope I can get the first beds ready and planted before then.

Oh yeah, the Ladies of Stumptown Savoury didn't make the trip. I sold them to a nice young family in Portland before leaving. There just wasn't room for them. And all seven rabbits made it through just fine, but none of them kindled, so there aren't any kits. Autrey the Rabbit, whose photo I'll post next time, rode up top with me and acted as my co-pilot for the entire trip. No rabbit has ever made a better dog than Autrey.