November 2, 2010


Nature is generous everywhere, even in the heart of a major city, but I believe country neighbors are much kinder and more generous than city neighbors. At least ours are.

Our neighbors knew I was putting in a garden, so they brought a large selection of onion sets and garlic cloves for planting, some seed corn for the bunnies and garden, and a few herb plants they could spare. They also brought a nice bucket of sweet peppers for us to put up for winter.

I got myself all set up with a bucket for compostable waste and another for seeds so we won't need to buy peppers or seeds ever again. Then I got busy cleaning and halving the peppers so they could be frozen.

A couple of peppers proved that our neighbors hadn't used any chemicals to kill pests--I'm grateful for that. I ended up with three sheet pans of halved peppers, plus a bag of bits and pieces.

We arrived near the end of apple season in Tennessee, and there's a lovely old Milam apple tree on the property that still had plenty of fruit to share. Milam is a rare heirloom apple. It's pretty tasty and should be a delightful source of fruit for years to come. I ended up with a five-gallon bucket full of apples.

For the apples, I set up a bowl of acidulated water and the dehydrator so I could dry some, and a pan so I could cook some apple sauce. I also saved the cores so I could save seeds, but that part of the project was abandoned due to a fruit fly invasion. Oops! We ended up with a large bag of dried apples to add to hot cereal and seven half-pints of apple butter, because I cooked too much water out of the apple sauce.

Next, the generosity of Nature continues.


  1. Very interesting. I'm glad you are back to making me hungry every few days.

  2. Nature is so generous - it is wonderful isn't it :-)