June 11, 2010


One of the Ladies of Stumptown Savoury laid a larger than normal egg (on the left). She's done this before. The egg is about twice the normal size, weighs about twice as much, and will have a double yolk. A three-egg omelet from two eggs--yet another reason to keep some chickens!

Here's a nice breakfast idea: make it from scratch. Grow some tomatoes and chives, raise some laying chickens, and cure some bacon. Put them all together on the plate and you have a flavorful, healthful breakfast. Had to buy the tomatoes because it's too early for tomatoes and we haven't yet seen much sunlight here in the Pacific Northwest, but the rest is home-grown and made.


  1. I have never heard of chickens having twins or two hatching from the same egg but I guess you never know. Now if we can make eggs that are double the white and less of a yolk, naturally that is that would make those egg white omlettes so much easier ;). Love the omlette also but unfortunately my twins don't like them

  2. What a beautiful breakfast! I love finding an egg with two yolks ... it is always a nice surprise!!