May 8, 2010

What I'm Reading: Raw Milk Revolution

Six children in California got sick. Because all six happened to consume legally-purchased raw milk, the largest raw milk dairy in California was temporarily shut down even though there was no evidence that raw milk actually caused the illnesses. At the same time, spinach producers were allowed to continue shipping raw spinach known to be tainted with E. coli, even though some children had died from eating the spinach. The Raw Milk Revolution: Behind America's Emerging Battle Over Food Rights will make you cry and fill you with frustration if you care about your food, or the right of consumers to buy legal products they want, or the right of small farmers to grow what consumers want, or the health of the planet, or your children.

In the name of "food safety" the FDA and the USDA are doing everything they can to ensure that you cannot buy real, unadulterated food. It is illegal to buy raw milk in many states--the only milk you can buy is pasteurized and homogenized, and that isn't milk, it's a white liquid with no life in it. Are there lots of bacteria in raw milk? You bet there are. That's what makes it good for you! It even comes with lactase in it to make it easy to digest.

You really need to read this book and get mad about what the US government is doing. Not American? Get mad anyway, because the US government is trying to make it impossible for you to know what is in and has been done to your food.

Soylent Green is looking less fictional by the day.


  1. I will be reading this book for sure! Thanks!

  2. This topic has been on my mind lately, too. I've been looking for a local raw dairy. I'll read this book!

  3. The Raw Milk website (see the link under Resources on the left) should help you locate a source, assuming that it's legal for you to possess raw milk. *sigh* It's really horrid even to think that real, wholesome food is illegal while its lifeless substitute is not. Demand your right to feed yourself and your family whatever you please, no matter how wholesome and healthful it may be!

  4. I found some raw milk in Portland at Champoeg Creamery - you have to drive out 30 minutes, but it is delicious.