April 16, 2009

Capellini with Chicken and Mushrooms

[caption id="attachment_117" align="aligncenter" width="414" caption="Capellini with Chicken and Mushrooms"]Capellini with Chicken and Mushrooms[/caption]

Remember that roasted chicken? Well, half of it was still sitting in the refrigerator at lunch time! I removed the breast and cut it into chunks. Then I sliced up a couple of large crimini mushrooms. Meanwhile, a pot of salted water went onto the stove, and when it reached a boil, I tossed in some capellini.

I sautéed the mushrooms with some butter, olive oil, and minced garlic until the mushrooms were nicely colored, then deglazed the pan with about a tablespoon of chardonnay. I added the chicken and cooked until the mushrooms were done and the chicken was warmed. Then I added about a quarter of a cup of crème fraîche and reduced until the sauce was nicely thickened.

By then, the pasta was ready, so I drained it and tossed it with the chicken and mushroom sauce. A bit of minced parsely finished the dish.

So far, that chicken has produced dinner for two and lunch for two, and there's still a leg quarter and the rest of the carcass remaining.


  1. Straightforward, yummy, and comforting. This is my favorite style of cooking. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Leftovers is one of the best parts of roasting a chicken, and then there's the carcass for making stock. Your pasta looks great.

  3. Thank you! I enjoy making more complicated foods, but for every day, the simple foods are the best.

  4. Thanks! You're right about that carcass. I roasted a carrot and some onion while cleaning meat off the carcass and turned it into a quart of really flavorful stock in about 2 hours. Then I used the meat and some stock to make a casserole. That was three meals for two people from one chicken, and I still have some stock!